Therapy for When You Feel Alone

You feel alone.

You feel as if your life lacks meaningful relationships with your friends, family, partner. You have loads of “friends” and lose countless hours doom scrolling or down a rabbit hole, but can you really talk to these people? Sure, they’ll react to your posts, but you want more than that.

Even your family feels like a collection of surface-level relationships – when it comes down to it, when was the last time they asked how you’re doing? 

You and your partner feel more like roommates each day. 

Loneliness is a terrible feeling, and the worst thing about it is that it can hit you hard even if you have a lot of friends and loved ones. So if you are social but still feel lonely, that is completely okay. You can be lonely even if you aren’t alone.

What you’re looking for...

…is deeper relationships with people who would have your back and actually support you. Loneliness is a depressing feeling, and you want to snap out of it. I understand, I’ve been there before.

Therapy is a place where you can safely step out of the man box and feel whatever shit you’re feeling without judgment.

Building quality relationships, whether they’re romantic or just friends, is not easy. Sure, it’s easy enough to swipe right, but that doesn’t connect you on a deeper emotional level. Therapy can help. Let’s talk about it.

Courtland McPherson, LCSW

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