About Courtland McPherson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), California

For me, this is personal.

Learning to live a happy, successful life has been a long journey. Life is good now, but it wasn’t always this way. When I was a kid, my family lived in real poverty. The kind of poverty where your next meal is not a guarantee. It wasn’t a great time. 

One of the few toys I had was a little red telescope. I loved that thing. Looking through it at the stars as an 8 year old boy, I’d be taken away to a different place – away from my hunger, my worry, my problems. Instead, I saw possibilities in other stars. I started to dream a little bit bigger. Maybe there was more to the universe than my problems. Maybe there’s opportunity for me out there that I never would’ve imagined without changing my perspective and glimpsing at something beyond myself, my family, my small town. 

I’ve dedicated my life to embracing that idea, living the best life I can for myself, and helping other men do the same.

Courtland McPherson, LCSW
Courtland McPherson, LCSW

You can do this, too.

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I hold a certificate of advanced clinical practice from the Boston College School of Social Work, as well as multiple designations as a practicing supervisor for clinical work.